Unpublished & ongoing research


Identity, Communication, and Conflict: An Experiment (with S.M. Chowdhury, R. Dimova and H. Fromell), Discussion paper no. 16020, IZA-Bonn, March 2023.

Political Economy of Labour Market Institutions in a Globalised Era (with R. Frensch and S. Huber), Discussion paper no. 14121, IZA-Bonn, February 2021.

Government and Agency: Implications for MNE Performance and Strategy: Evidence from China (with N.L. Driffield and J. Du). Mimeo, March 2017.

Do Business Groups Help or Hinder Technological Progress in Emerging Markets? Evidence from India (with Y. Zhou). Discussion paper no. 7885, IZA-Bonn, January 2014. 

A Note on Decomposing Differences in Poverty Incidence (with I.N. Gang and M.S. Yun). Discussion paper no. 2262, IZA-Bonn, August 2006.


Monograph on governance.

Global Convergence of Corporate Governance Rules – Does it Make Sense? Evidence from Board Effectiveness in an Emerging Market Context (with M. Chakrabarty, A. Kutan and E. Selarka).

Implications of Speed Adjustment in Capital Structrure for Capital Market Development: Evidence from India (with S. Bhaduri).

Untitled (about organizational form and learning) (with K. Chaudhuri).

Untitled (about MNE strategy) (with N.L. Driffield, S. Estrin and T. Mickiewicz).

Untitled (about MNE strategy and spillovers) (with N.L. Driffield, K. Lavoratori, M. Song and P. Vahter).